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Specialty Products

Business Loan Failure to Survive

This unique insurance protection was designed to indemnify a lender for the balance of money at risk given a contractual business loan agreement. A premature death or disablement of the borrower will usually trigger an immediate call on the loan. The protection of other business assets becomes even more essential during this type of situation. 
Often times, there is a desperate need for urgency when dealing with a loan approval and the funding of the loan. Time is always of the essence and unfortunately insurance protection is often times left unattended until the very end.

Buy-Sell Failure to Survive

Any business with two or more owners should seriously consider having a buy-sell agreement in place. Once the buy-sell agreement has been established then there is the important need to provide a mechanism for funding the transfer of ownership. It is the unexpected situation of a pre-mature death or disability which normally is the cause for alarm. The firm’s assets are at risk and it is the job of the Buy-Sell Failure to Survive Plan to provide a solution to this situation.

Key Person Failure to Survive

The majority of companies have key people who are essential to the success of the business. Whether these people are valuable because of their expertise, power, innovation or information, if they are uninsured, their death or disability would bring financial insecurity to the company. Help your clients relieve the worry by protecting their financial security with Key Person Failure to Survive Insurance.

Confidential Failure to Survive

Your client may find themselves with a financial interest in a third party business associate, who is not insured in their favor. If an untimely death or disability were to happen to the uninsured third party, your client could face a significant financial setback.
Despite the reasons the third party has for being uninsured, your client needs to feel secure should the unthinkable happen. For cases such as this, Petersen International Underwriters provides Confidential Failure to Survive Insurance

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

Imagine the overwhelming feeling of relief and sheer joy that you would feel upon the release of a kidnap victim. Now imagine the subsequent stress that would follow the realization that you are not insured in case of a kidnapping or ransom request. Your company or family had to liquidate ALL assets to pay the large ransom, purchase specialized phone equipment, pay for travel expenses, hire security protection, hire a negotiator, and pay many more unforeseen costs. In addition, to rejoin society, the kidnap victim may need extensive psychiatric counseling and rehabilitation. This financial trouble could be avoided with Kidnap and Ransom Insurance coverage.

Petersen International Underwriters has developed Kidnap and Ransom Insurance to reimburse the policy owner for the expenses incurred in the event of a kidnapping.

Brand Protection

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an athlete, an entertainer or someone just famous for being famous; if you want to raise a brand’s profile quickly, hiring a celebrity is a proven way to do so. However, fame can sometimes turn into notoriety. The media always seeks to uncover celebrity details, and what is exposed is not always flattering. Death, Disability, and Disgrace coverage provides support for brands that use celebrities or spokespeople to endorse and publicize their products or services. In the event of the brand being brought into disrepute, the policy provides up to an agreed sum, enabling the brand managers to recover costs and expenses of the insured campaign.

International Travel Insurance

Wallach & Company specializes in providing medical and related insurance to people traveling outside their home countries. Four different coverage plans are offered to meet individual/family needs.

HealthCare Abroad: Short-term, high limit coverage for traveling abroad. Minimum 10 days, Maximum 120 days. (Age limit 84)

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HealthCare Global: Up to 6 months coverage for traveling abroad. Minimum 2 weeks, Maximum 26 weeks. (Age limit 70)

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HealthCare International:
International medical insurance & assistance for persons living outside their home country. Minimum 6 months policy premium, Maximum 12 months. (Age limit 70)

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HealthCare America: Up to 90 days coverage for foreign nationals visiting the US. Minimum 10 days, Maximum 90 days. (Age limit 70)

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Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

Graded Benefit Endowment Insurance

Issue Ages: 45 – 75 (age last birthday)
Face Amounts: $5,000 – 10,000
Rate Classes: Non-Tobacco/Tobacco
Annual Policy Fee: $50 (commissionable)

No health questions, medical exams, physical exams, or Personal History Interviews (PHIs).
Graded Death Benefit During First Three Policy Years:

  • Year 1: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 6% interest.
  • Year 2: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 12% interest.
  • Year 3: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 18% interest.

Full death benefit payable if death occurs due to accidental causes in the first three policy years.

Express Issue Whole Life

Simplified Issue Graded Benefit

Issue Ages: 25 – 80 (age last birthday)
Face Amounts: $2,000 – 25,000
Rate Classes: Non-Tobacco/Tobacco
Built-in Rating: 16 Tables
Annual Policy Fee: $50 (commissionable)

Graded Death Benefit During First Two Policy Years:

  • Year 1: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 12% interest.
  • Year 2: benefit payable equals refund of premium plus 24% interest.

Full death benefit payable if death occurs due to accidental causes in the first two policy years.