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Case Studies

The Palmer Agency specializes in helping clients underwrite challenging cases. Below are some case studies you can review.

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This educational guide and practical resource was written with the producer in mind. Our best practices improve your chances of having your business placed quickly and easily!

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Two Cancers

Have you heard the word DECLINE too much lately? So have we, but The Palmer Agency doesn’t take NO as an answer!

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43 year old Male was treated for alcohol abuse in a 30 day inpatient rehab center 20 years ago. There have been no relapses in drinking and….

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Cancer within 5 years

Who said you can’t get a Preferred rate on a 56 year old female with a Breast Cancer history of just 5 years before? NOT US! …

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Hypertension/High Blood Pressure “HBP”

48 year old female diagnosed with high blood pressure two years ago and was prescribed Lisinopril. She has an excellent build and no other medical….

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35 year male with a build of 5’8” 232lbs and BMI of 35.3 diagnosed with high blood pressure one year prior and is prescribed Lisinopril….

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63 Female diagnosed with Stage 1A melanoma 5 year ago. The area was removed surgically. She has regular check ups with her dermatologist and…

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MVR and Build

Is your client’s build and driving history putting the brakes on your business? Get into the fast lane with The Palmer Agency…

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Sleep Apnea

46 year old male, diagnosed with severe sleep apnea 5 years ago.  Applicant has normal build, no history of smoking….

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Atrial Fibrillation

49 male presented his first episode of Atrial Fibrillation 8 years ago and second isolated episode 5 years ago.  Client has had regular cardiac ….

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Coronary Heart Disease/Coronary Artery Disease

56 year old male nonsmoker, diagnosed with asymptomatic CAD 3 years ago. At his physician’s recommendation…

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Diabetes Mellitus (DM), Type II Diabetes

52 year old male diagnosed with Diabetes Melitis at age 49 . Current build is 5’11” 241lbs with A1C of 7.0 and fasting glucose of 122….

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Liver Function Tests

39 year old male with a history of normal physicals and normal lab results. Insurance labs showed an elevated GGT at 132 and an elevated ALT…

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