Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have an active license and appointment?

To know whether an agent has an active license, or is appointed with a particular carriers, they can either check online on the agent search section of the Commissioner’s website or they can call The Palmer Agency.

Can I quote LTC online?

No, but you can complete the fillable form and TPA will send you your tailored LTC illustration.

Can I get licensing forms on your website?

Yes you can complete The Palmer Agency licensing forms and return to Sarah Billard in our office. Feel free to contact Sarah with any questions.

Where do I find the underwriting requirements?

All life underwriting requirements are under the product navigation bar. Click on the term option, then select the carrier and the product – the requirement tab will be seen a the top.

Which products offer the accelerated death benefit option?

On the top navigation, under Products, select Life, then select the carrier, the product, and the product features.

Do you have an online application?

We offer the express app icon on the home page for certain life carriers.

Can I get status of pending cases online?

Contact your case manager to establish automatic status and discuss the online status option.

How do I get a group life, medical, dental, disability quote?

Email Sarah Billard for a quote.

Can I email/fax my applications and delivery requirements?

Yes. They can be faxed to 404-634-3990 or emailed direct to your case manager.

How do I shop a case informally?

You can shop a case informally by completing the Informal Application that is available by contacting the Marketing Department or the informal inquiry can be printed from our forms section.

Can I apply with multiple companies on the same client?

Yes, however we suggest applying with the best company for your client first and then apply with additional companies as necessary.

How does Palmer Agency handle policy service on in force policies?

Palmer Agency submits policy service to carrier via fax. We follow up with carrier and email or call agent when completed.

How do I know if a client is in their grace or lapsed period?

Most carriers send notices to The Palmer Agency then in turn we email them to the agent for follow-up with their client.

When will my commissions be paid?

Each carrier is different in the way they pay commissions. The quickest way to receive commissions is to be on direct deposit. Most companies pay within 48-72 hours after the policy is placed in force. If you receive payment by check, companies have a minimum amount requirement and may hold the check until the commissions reach a certain amount before they will send the check.

What is needed to request an APS?

In order for us to order APSs we need the Name of Facility, Name of doctor, address, phone number and fax number of the facility. If a client has a business card, ask to see it and take the information from the card. It is also good to know why the client sees that doctor. Underwriting usually requires 5 years of records so any doctor’s that may have been seen in that time frame needs to be included in the list. We also need a HIPPA compliant authorization. The carriers forms are HIPPA compliant and The Palmer Agency form is compliant. Keep in mind some doctors require their own authorization. We will email the form to you if needed.

How can I prepare my client for the exam?

Each exam company has information on their websites to give to your client so that they can be prepared for their exam. Please see the Exam link below for the exam companies and their websites.

Does the Palmer Agency use an outside facility to order APS's?

We partner with Express Imaging Services (EIS) to order all medical records. APS follow up is conducted every 3 days.

If a case gets approved "other than applied for" can we shop with other carriers to make sure it is the best offer?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, you do not need to request this…we automatically do it on all cases that get rated. We want to make sure that when you deliver a policy you can tell your client it has been shopped with the market place.

Does the Palmer Agency require a contract or minimums to work with them?

We do not. Please allow us an opportunity to earn your business. We trust you will enjoy the experience. We are committed to helping you grow your business.

Do you offer Marketplace/Exchange Medical plans?

No, we do not offer any Individual or Group Fully Funded Major Medical Insurance. We offer Assurant’s Self Funded Group plans and Assurant’s Individual ancillary coverage (Accident, CI, Dental, etc.).

Why should I sell Self -Funded medical plans to my small group?

Self Funded major medical plans are the wave of the future for small groups who are getting hit with very high renewals and soaring fully insured PPO rates. Self- Funded plans aren’t subject to all the Healthcare Reform rules so they can afford to keep their rates low. These plans are underwritten so having a fairly healthy group with low turnover is optimal. The Self-Funded plans we sell thru National General(down to 3 lives) are a “win-win” situation for Employers seeking a way to save money on Group Medical premiums and even possibly get a refund if the group has a low claim year. Employers will NEVER have to pay more than their monthly premium, even if a catastrophic medical event occurs.

Do I need to wait until I am appointed with a carrier before submitting a new application?

No, please feel free to send in an application whenever. However, if you are not appointed with the specific carrier then we will hold the application until all your agent contracting paperwork is submitted.